Monday, June 28, 2010

The Elderly Challenge- Part 1

The Four key recommendations of the report:
Housing: The housings in singapore should have several different option that meets the need of the elderly. Singapore will be an elder-friendly place due to the different options that helps the elderly in the house.

Accessibility: Singapore will be more friendly by helping the elderly to get around singapore with help and also many different activities could be done with elderly. Singapore will have an elder-friendly buildings, flats, and also public transports. There will also be user-friendly lifts, walkway, and bus stops.

Caring: Singapore elderlies will have easier access to some places and also the people around them will help them get on the bus for example the bus driver will help those on the wheel chair or could not go up stairs easily.

Opportunities: The elderly will have different opportunities to interact with the people. They will also have different activities with the communities in singapore to help them interact with one another. This will help the young and the elders to help one another and communicate to one another too.

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