Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Elderly challenge holiday hmwk part 2

Some of my observation...

Observation 1: Some of the elderly goes back from the supermarket with lots of groceries. When this happen, the elderly's hand seems to shake when they are carrying the bags. The elderly are too weak so they could not carry their own groceries. Their bones become too weak when they become older.

Observation 2: Some of the elderly tend to cross the road without using the traffic lights as maybe they are too lazy to go to the traffic light or they had not much energy in them. When this happen, if the elderly are not careful, traffic accidents may happen and it is very dangerous for them.

Observation 3: Around my neighborhood, there are lots of elderly who uses walking aids to walk to a nearby shop or park. The parks and shop may not be clean so when the elderly's walking aid gets dirty, they will have a hard time cleaning the aid. They may also not realize the dirt and bring it back home with the walking aid, so they have to clean the house and the walking aids which is rather tiring for them.

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