Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Ageing Challenge:Essential questions

1)How can we make the elderly communicate with the younger generation?

The old generation and the younger generation are far apart due to the technology that had happened
for the past few years. When this happen, the elderly
will be left out by their own family. Now, during this generation, kids and teenagers tend to be 'sticked on'
to the latest technology such as the computer,
television and also their handphones. They will then ignore all their elders.

2)What are the different options for the elderly to travel around?

The elderly are weak and old therefore they may not have the enough strength to travel to some of the
places. A common example is stairs. When the
elderly goes up the stairs, they will do it really slowly and may need some help. The elderly may also walk at
a really slow pace. This will affect the people
who may be standing behind the elderly and therefore the people will get impatient of what is going on.

3)Are the elderly happy with us now? Do we need to change what we are doing now?

Some of the elderly seem to not like the way we treat them as some of them may think that we are looking
down on them. What do we have to do to stop this
misunderstanding? Maybe the elderly does not want to be helped, or they are not receiving enough help
from us therefore, they do not like the way we
treat them...


  1. Good questions on some perceptions and issues facing the elderly, especially with regards to youths too! Could expand on these a little more during the brainstorming sessions later on.

  2. Hi. :]
    Erm. Maybe you can rephrase question 2 by saying e.. How can we have or improve on elderly-friendly transportation?

  3. Nice, Mirza... Your questions are reasonable and straight to the point. I don't think that there is anything you need to improve it with.

  4. I like your ideas:) Your questions are important and are easy to understand. You also think from the elderly's perspective. You elaborated your third question well.