Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Identifying Challenges

I divided the mind map into three as it was too big...

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Ergonomics Example: Headphones

This is my first time trying ergonomics and I am using headphones as an example...

This is the early headphone used during the 20th century. This headphone was developed to improve the earpiece back then. It gave a better quality sound and it also mutes the background which means, its better than the early earpiece. However, this headphone does not have a padding which makes it uncomfortable. The designs last time were also limited. The requirement for high sensitivity meant no damping was used, thus the sound quality is crude.

This is one of the latest headphones. The headphones nowadays has much more different types of designs to choose from. These headphones also has a larger surface for the cover so it covers our ear completely. This will mute the background and therefore, the user can only hear the music or etc. This headphones are very comfortable as they have a very soft cover which is nice when we put our ears on it. It also has different places which has the material which makes the headphone more comfortable for us.